Dichroic Monstera Leaf

Covering a color spectrum of blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange and green (depending on the light angle and direction), these leaves come on a stainless steel wire stem. Place in a pot with other plants, a vase, in a window, or hanging off a hook. Meant to inspire joy and an appreciation for nature, enjoy your own dichroic light. The thickness and length of the steel varies per size so that they are proportional.

Sizes: Mini – 3.5″ x 3″ , Small – 12.3″ x 12.3″, Medium – 24.6″ x 24
Materials: Dichroic leaf with stainless steel stem

More photos of the “Flora Aurora” installation here




Debuted at Art Basel 2019, Prismatic Paradise is Natasha’s latest sculptural series inspired by the shapes and shadows of local flora. Based on actual leaf patterns and fabricated from dichroic film, acrylic and metal, these surreal monstera and palm trees cast prismatic-colored shadows different from the light they reflect. These ephemeral pieces are ever changing and respond to light throughout the day based on the sun’s positioning, truly changing by the minute. The refractions from the dichroic light also cast water-like illuminations all around, creating also a mirage of dancing colored light. After much demand for these leaves, this is a limited edition run of her signature sculptural pieces for purchase.

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Mini, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large