“Collaborative Dreams” is an audio and visual art event series concepted by by Natasha Tomchin. The first event was held in September 2019 in New York City, produced by Anomalus and hosted at Lytehouse Studio. Merging music, art, and technology to create a uniquely immersive dimension of virtual projections and kaleidoscopic landscapes, this free event was a prototype for the series to gauge interest and sponsorship. Within an hour of opening, the event hit full capacity of 300 people and continued to be full for 5 hours.

Natasha curated a collection of artists (and previous collaborators) to take over Lytehouse Studios with an array of multi-media art, including: neon art and public displays of awareness signs by Olivia Steele, a photography exhibition by Charles Levine (half of the music duo Soul Clap), sculptures and art prints by Tyler Nussbaum, and live painting by Stephen Holding. In addition to those elements, Natasha displayed her new infinity box series, hologram art and created an immersive 1,000 sq ft projection area.

Charles Levine curated the audio element with a mixture of DJ’s and live music, including a very special live jazz set from Greg Paulus and John Camp, set within the projections.

This event could not have been possible without the sponsorship and support from Gem & Bolt Mezcal, Finback Brewery, A.P. Wines and Lytehouse Studios along with every artist and team member involved who helped bring this concept to life.

Collaborative Dreams 2.0

Due to recent world events and the global pandemic, Collaborative Dreams is not feasibly able to continue in the same trajectory due to safety concerns of hosting events in close quarters and the current shut down of industries. Now more than ever, people are looking to art and music and film to provide answers and comfort. In an effort to promote the arts, while advocating for social distancing and celebrating the end of Miami Art Week, Collabortive Dreams hopes to bring a sense of positivity to the locals.

Partnership with Rhythm Foundation

In order to better reach the local community and tap into the amazing talent in Miami, ‘Collaborative Dreams’ is evolving to be a special series onsite in the outdoor areas to include a marketplace from local artists, live musicians and djs, wellness, along with art installations and brand involvement.

Local Musicians

Local Artists/ Previous Collaborators

Jessy Nite is a contemporary artist based in Miami, best known for her large scale, outdoor text installations that interact with their environment.  Her signature use of color and custom made typography cross a variety of disciplines, carrying a playful but deeply rooted narrative.

Brazilian artist Beatriz Chachamovits work deals with the decline of the coral reef ecosystems through drawings, sculptures and installations that investigate and highlight the main causes of the state that coral reefs are found today. The phenomena known as coral bleaching, ocean acidification and plastic pollution are the main starting points in discussing the human effects in ocean conservancy. Her Carcass installation consists of hundreds of small clay sculptures of coral, sponges, animal bones and plastic debris that together form a white, dead and exposed barrier reef.

Francisca Oyhanarte is an Argentinian artist living in Miami. Her work consists of original cut-out pieces alongside museum-grade cotton paper prints in limited editions of 10 individually numbered and signed by the artist. She works with scissors, creating unique and surreal collages using everyday materials.