Kevin Barry Fine Art Santa Monica, California Video art installation for their gallery renovation unveiling partyMarch ’18

House of Efunk Party Miami, Florida Immersive art installation with projections, fog, interactivity, and audio in collaboration with Charles Levine March ’18

Art Basel 2017 Miami, Florida

  • – Digital art installation, outdoor projections and event decoration for a private event hosted by Kevin Barry Fine Art at the Nautilus Hotel rooftop terrace (recap here) December 7
  • – Projections inside the dome and visual art on all the LED screens at the Faena Dome on the beach (recap here) December 8
  • – Virtual Reality installation and physical art at the Electric Pickle December 8

Holiday House London, England Digital art installation November – December ’17

iii points Miami, Florida VR piece (viewable here) October ’17

Marcy Hotel Brooklyn, New York 75 foot long projection across 3 walls September ’17

Space Miami, Florida Projections in the entry way and inside the club May ’17

Trade South Beach, Florida Projections in the entry way and visuals for DJ April ’17

Where are my keys? Key Biscayne, Florida Projections as part of decoration April ’17

Soho House South Beach, Florida 30 foot long projection against neighboring building March ’17

Maxa Camp Tulum, Mexico Large scale outdoor projections during two nights of parties February ’17

iii points Miami, Florida Projection as part of a larger decoration October ’16